Mike Wiener is a man of integrity, character, and commitment. A principled conservative with a heart for people.

A true Minnesota son and generational Minnesotan, he understands the issues that face Minnesota and our Nation, and he will be tenacious in fighting for our freedoms and liberties in St. Paul.

Mike Wiener & Family


2nd Amendment Rights

2nd Amendment

My position on Gun Rights is the same as Charlton Helston’s: “They’ll take my guns from my cold, dead hands!” Our Second Amendment freedoms are the guarantee and protectorate of all of our other Constitutional rights.

Limited Government

We need to gut the federal bureaucracy and halt its unconstitutional abuse of power. Agencies like the EPA are choking out business and agriculture in America and putting a huge and unnecessary tax burden on the backs of the American people. The first step is to limit the scope of federal agency power. Any agency regulation that infringes on constitutional rights or affects more than $10 million in property should require Congressional approval to avoid abuse or oppression from bureaucrats. An at-will federal employment system is the second step.


Funding should follow the student. Parents should have a say in where their children get their education, even if it is at home. Parents are the primary decision makers for their children’s education. Administrators and teachers play a supportive or consult role only. Eliminate CRT (Critical Race Theory) and equity audits statewide including public schools, colleges and universities. Withhold state funding to any school district that doesn’t follow. Pass Education Savings Accounts for more school choice. A refocus on the fundamentals of education is the priority.


As Dr. Seuss states in Horton Hears a Who, “A person’s a person, no matter how small” (or how sick). I believe in and will defend the sanctity of life, from the unborn to the most elderly and vulnerable.

Big tech Censorship

Freedom of speech is one our most important civil liberties. It’s not only critical for a healthy exchange of ideas, but it allows us to discuss, debate and if necessary; question authority. Prosperity comes from ideas, and ideas can thrive only in a society in which they are free of censorship and reprisals. Silicon Valley should not determine what’s allowed in the public square.


From dairy to wheat, Minnesota has a rich and diverse agricultural industry that is vital to our state’s economy. I’ll work to protect our farmers from harmful regulations that impact their land use as well as their bottom line. Farmers are the best stewards of their own land and should be the ones to determine how they farm it – not bureaucrats in the Capitol or Washington.

Knowledge is Power. Hear Mike Talk About the Issues We are Facing.

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